How to Recover From a Drug Addiction

The most demanding part in the life of a drug addict is addiction recovery. The funny thing is that it feels so pleasurable to ruin one’s life by consuming drugs but it can be quite an uphill task for an addict to get back his life to normalcy by quitting a drug addiction. The duration of the treatment at a drug treatment center does vary depending on his or her response toward the treatment.

It goes without saying that drugs can really put the state of the mind of a person into imbalance.. Hence, the first step towards recovery should be to suppress a person’s need for drugs.. This is not so easy; hence he should be supported and motivated well by his family members and friends. As drugs alter the levels of dopamine in the brain, it takes time for the brain to function normally by restoring the dopamine levels. This phase can be anywhere between a few months and even a year.

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Addiction Treatment Programs

It is believed that expanding access to treatment will help marginalized people both recover from addiction and develop the skills, resources and zeal to participate more fully in community life.

There are many paths to recovery from addiction. Some drug dependent people stop using on their own, others use religious activities or self-help groups. Others require treatment in one of the four general modalities described below. Treatment can include behavioral approaches, medications or, in many cases, both.

Outpatient Drug-Free Programs provide individual, group and family counseling. Patients served are typically dependent on cocaine andor alcohol. Programs employ a wide variety of counseling styles. They appropriately use medication combined with behavioral therapies to maximize therapeutic response. These medication-based therapies include psychiatric treatment and outpatient detoxification.

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